The Witt Pit

Brand Itentity Design

Project Summary

The Challenge

For 16 years Randy and Shaunna had been catering events as Witt’s Catering Inc. Throughout that time, they were always asked when we would open a restaurant. And though idea was appealing, they waited patiently for the opportunity to pursue their true passion: smoking Texas Style Real Pit BBQ.

They knew they wanted branding that reflected their passion, while focusing on the simplicity of good cooking. It’s a very hands on process; no automated smokers (and there never will be). When people ask Randy for his secret to great BBQ. He’ll say it’s definitely simple: salt, pepper, & real wood.

They needed a strong brand that would reflect the quality of the BBQ.

The Solution

There are few things I love more than good Texas BBQ (not to mention branding a barbeque place is a dream job). So I jumped at the opportunity to brand The Witt Pit. I focused on solid typography, old school illustration, and a limited color palette.