Super Mechanical

Packaging Design

Project Summary

The Challenge

John Kestner makes beautiful, interesting objects that bridge the gap between functionality, beauty, and the digital world. After his first success for TWINE (the third largest Kickstarter at the time), a device that makes dumb objects smart; he began working on his next project: a smart thermometer that he believed would change the way we go about making food.

He knew he wanted some kick ass packaging, and really liked our artistic, textural approach to work. So, after a couple of beers, we devised a plan.

The Solution

We really wanted to build a solution that communicated the versatility of this device. It’s not just a thermometer for cooking meat. You can use it for beer brewing, yogurt, chocolate, baking bread, jams and jellies, etc. I developed iconography that reflected the variety of uses, as well as built packaging that reflected the environment of the average kitchen.

  • Client: John Kestner, Founder at SuperMechanical
  • Date: January 12th, 2014
  • Category: Packaging Design