Ebook Illustration and Design

Project Summary

The Challenge

Salsify had recently developed a lot of research concerning the importance of your business' online presence, especially in relation to mobile. They wanted to develop a free product they could offer to their customers and leads that would help them understand the importance of their brand presence on mobile. They approached me to help tell that story through an illustrated ebook.

The Solution

I worked with Salsify to develop a consistent aesthetic for the book. At first it was a little more figurative (see some of the sketches below). But as we developed the aesthetic of the book, the illustrations became flatter and more iconographic. I learned a lot about designing and illustrating in using this aesthetic, and developed some very quick processes that helped me accomplish it.

  • Client: Dan Roge, Digital Design at Salsify
  • Date: February 24th, 2017
  • Category: Ebook Illustration and Design