Luchador Lime Margarita Mix


Project Summary

The Challenge

I was approached by incredibly talented packaging designer, Wes Woodell to illustrate a line of margarita's that he was in the middle of branding. Wes needed someone with a comic book style to execute some playful and exciting wrestler illustrations to be used on the packaging as well as a taco truck.

Luchador Margarita Mix is the brainchild of alcohol industry veteran John Eason and Mexican restauranteur and chef Adam Gonzalez. It features a natural lime taste with limited artificial colors or flavors

The Solution

The branding that Wes had already built was brilliant. So, on this project, it was really just a matter of becoming familiar with the subject.

I drew a lot of luchadors.

After several different compositions, Wes and I landed on one. Once the composition was finalized, I executed the inks and colors, and we both collaborated on the illustration's execution on the label, taco truck and other packaging.

Credit: Wes Woodell, Packaging Designer

  • Client: Adam Gonzalez
  • Date: Nov 11th, 2014
  • Category: Illustration