Mobile UX Design

Project Summary

The Challenge

In a report done in 2016 it was shown that over 40 Million people play Fantasy Football. Of these people, on average they spend about 9 hours a week with fantasy football content of some kind (watching games, research, etc.). Fantasy Football managers are some of the most competitive people in the world and do anything and everything to keep a competitive edge.

I was approached to design an app that would help equip fantasy football managers. This app will them to get all the most up to date fantasy football relevant content from Twitter as soon as it happens. Organized and customized for each manager, he or she can quickly access the news they’re most interested in while they’re out on the go.

Never again will managers have to sort through all the clutter on Twitter to find out what is really happening --- they will get their information from the best, verified sources and will immediately be up to speed.

The Solution

Research, Persona Development, and Features

I’m not an avid fantasy football player. I’ve only played once, and even though I was champion of our 12 person league, it was mostly due to luck, rather than knowledge. So, I had my work cut out for me with research.

So, I started the design process by researching the general marketplace, apps that fantasy managers use, and current experts in the marketplace. Once I had a decent understand of the marketplace, I interviewed around 15 fantasy football players. I tried to gather as much information as I could so that I could identify the minimum amount of features we could implement for this MVP.

User Flows, Sketching, and Wireframes

From there, I worked together with the client to identify the key functionality we wanted to implement, and sketch out a feasible design for the app’s MVP.

High Fidelity Designs, Prototyping, and MVP

Once I had constructed solid wireframes, we performed some initial usability testing through InVision. After making some corrections, and validating our assumptions, I designed high fidelity mockups for more usability testing.

  • Client: FNSY_FTBL
  • Date: December 2017
  • Category: Mobile UX Design