The 10days

Brand Design

Project Summary

The Challenge

In 2007, several college students gathered together to combat the global water crisis and asked their community to give up every beverage but water for ten days, and then donate the money saved to dig clean water wells in Rwanda. The 10 Days campaign grew, and in 2010 Living Water International adopted it as their official college advocacy program.

Successful brand communities don’t happen naturally; they’re created, and they thrive when there’s a healthy amount of structure paired with ownership. The problem is that creating these communities is a complex, labor-intensive process that involves graphic design, copywriting, marketing and communications, web design, and brand narrative strategy.

At the beginning of 2016, the 10 Days was struggling with its identity, and wanted to refresh their branding to reflect some of the changes they were making within their organization and the tools they were using across campuses.

The Solution

I took the old branding and revised it. My main desire was to build a brand that was versatile. They originally only had the one mark, and were having difficulty using it across digital and print media. So I developed a family of marks and assets to be utilized across all the various channels that the 10 Days needed to reach people on. I also developed the typography, colors, and developed guidelines for pairing hand drawn lettering and mark making with the brand.

Through the years, it has grown tremendously, and since its inception has raised over $750,000 from college students who are passionate about the global water crisis.

  • Client: Living Water International
  • Date: Jan 4th, 2016
  • Category: Brand Design